Who are you empowering this Mother’s Day

May Newsletter

Who are you empowering this Mother’s Day?

Below is a picture of a woman who lost her child down a latrine. She has an incredible story of how she is using this tragedy to now promote safer and eco-friendly latrines that will increase sanitation while creating a better environment for children to use. She is an amazing woman and mother who is making ripples in her community that will create lasting and permanent change. You can help women and children like these by purchasing a eco-latrine kit or any number of life altering gifts from RippleEffect. Who will you empower this Mother’s Day?

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Ripple Effect and WSU

April Newsletter:

On the ground in Malawi:

After our January donation push, The RippleEffect was able to deliver many eco-latrines, crop seed kits, and even a village well to the people in the villages around Ntchea. These new amendments to village life will address the main areas of improvement that RippleEffect is working towards correcting: poor health and sanitation, poverty, and low agricultural yields. These communities now have the ability to grow, water, and sell their newly given crop seeds to increase their incomes, health, and agricultural output. However, the success story of these villagers doesn’t stop with this one gift. Because your gift increases household income, parents are able to afford school fees and provide the gift of education to their children. As you may see the gifts you give are not just a static motion, but indeed a ripple effect that spreads from generation to generation improving the lives of those in Malawi.

Did you know:

The RippleEffect was created by Washington State University’s International Research and Agricultural Development team? This group of dedicated people saw a problem in Malawi that was bigger than their hands alone could fix, so they created this non-profit to be an outreach so others across the globe could also actively participate in helping those in Malawi. As a result The RippleEffect has helped thousands of households thanks to your contributions.

A big thank you:

As always we at RippleEffect couldn’t make any impact without your giving, so from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for making such a needed change in the lives of the Malawians.

Maize Prices Increase

On the Ground:

According to a recent news article from Malawi Today, the price of maize (corn) in Malawi has tripled due to a recent food crisis. The president, Joyce Banda, had recently given free maize to the people of Malawi. However, after these hand-outs ended she claimed a group of people bought all the maize and created a monopoly. Those people are now selling the maize at very high demanding prices. This is causing a large hunger wave to hit Malawi, since many of the people cannot afford the regular price of maize let alone this newly inflated one. This is a critical time in Malawi, and you can make this situation better for all involved.

Success Story from Malawi

February 2013 Newsletter

Success Story:

Just in from the annual report from our field technicians in the field is a success story from supporters’ giving. Mr. Daniel Nyirenda was born in 1979, is married with 5 children and comes from Zifere Chisi village, Mzimba District. He. Mr Nyirenda was a person who never dreamt of owning a shop in his lifetime. He used to live a difficult life growing winter crops using rudimentary methods of irrigation, mainly using watering cans. He never had enough money.

The situation improved when he got a moneymaker treadle pump from Total Land Care during the 2011 irrigation season. With the treadle pump pack (which includes a treadle pump with hoses and an input pack with fertilizers and vegetable seeds) from TLC, he opted to grow tomatoes.

Giving Brings A New Hope

You did it! We asked your help in bringing Christmas presents to Malawi and you responded. And on top of that you, our supporters, went above and beyond this giving season by purchasing not only what we asked for but also 12 additional kits. We could not be more thankful. Below is what we requested and what you donated:

1 Village or Deep Well Kit- 1 Village Well Purchased

2 Tree Seedling Kits- 3/8 of a kit purchased

3 Chicken Coops- 2.5 kits purchased

4 Crop Seed Kits- 10 purchased

5 Eco-Latrines- 11 purchased

Also purchased: 2 fuel-efficient stoves and ¾ of a treadle pump.