Water Scarcity

October Malawi Newsletter

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On the Ground in Malawi:
According to scientists at Purdue University the most limiting factor to humans on this planet is water. Water’s limitations can be a very scary, especially when we think about all the water that is needed in daily life and used to produce items we need to survive, such as crops. But a very simple way to increase food production without using more drinkable water can be found in a simple and innovative technology, treadle pumps. RippleEffect sells treadle pumps, which move standing water from nearby puddles or ponds to irrigate croplands without electricity or any input other than manpower and water. This simple but resourceful method of irrigation increases yields, nutritional value of crops, and prevents wind erosion without using precious drinking water. Be a part of the change here.

Dates to Remember in October:
October 16, 2013 is World Food Day. This is a day to celebrate all the advancements that have been made in the agricultural realms, as well as understand the hunger that still remains in this world. The 16-19th of this month is the World Food Prize Symposium where scientists and agriculturalists from all over the world showcase their work and global agriculture in Des Moines, Iowa. Keep up with the conference at http://www.worldfoodprize.org/ and learn about global agriculture.

Featured Kit:
Did you know that RippleEffect has supplied and built over 163 efficient stove kits in the last 6 months? Each stove slows deforestation, reduces carbon dioxide output, and increase the amount of time girls and women have to attend school. Get involved in the movement!

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