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September Newsletter
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On the Ground In Malawi:

Malawi is still suffering through a severe maize shortage. However, the President of Malawi, Joyce Banda, has taken the unusual step of selling the presidential jet for 15 million dollars and is using that money to buy maize and help feed hungry Malawians. She is also reinvesting part of the money to help expand Malawi legume research. This isn’t the first of Banda’s attempts to reduce spending and reinvest money to help alleviate hunger, she has cut her salary by 30 percent and is currently selling 35 of her cabinet’s Mercedes-Benz cars. These cuts may seem small but Malawi’s total GDP is only 149th out of 183 countries. It would seem that President Banda is working hard to alleviate poverty in her country. To learn more click the link to the article

Dates to Remember in September:

September 21, 2012 is the International Day of Peace. We may not be able to personally stop all violence from happening in the world, but we are a big believer that we all can do our part and make a small impact wherever we are. Pitch in and help make peace a reality by doing small things this month that will make a big difference like: opening doors, mediating arguments, looking at something with another viewpoint, or starting your own peace rally.

Featured Kit:
Want to give hunger and expiration date? You can do your part by purchasing a crop seed kit. These kits are full of crop seeds that are specially adapted to Malawian’s needs and climates. They come with year-long instructions and trainings on how to grow, water, fertilize, harvest, keep seeds, and replant them. This is a great way to give a hand up to those in need and help kick hunger to the side. Click here to help.

Thank you supporters for making a difference in Malawi. You are the reason that communities are thriving and creating better worlds for the future generations. Thank you!

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