Educational Road Blocks in Malawi

August Newsletter

Educational Road Blocks:

As universities and schools are starting up again this month in the United States, it is a good time to reflect on Malawi’s educational system. According to the CIA World book, in Malawi are 81% of males and 65% of females are literate. This literacy disparity is generally caused by the increased household duties that require young girls to skip school to complete. These activities are normally gathering wood, water, or food or watching their younger siblings while their parents work. Through better wood, water, and food sources many of these pressures can be alleviated so these young girls can go to school and become educated and provide a better life to their future families.

Did you know:

There are many non-profits in Malawi, yet the RippleEffect is the only non-profit that works with agricultural, sanitation, habitat, income, and biological projects in a long-term educational manner. In that aspect, the RippleEffect is one of a kind in the programs it offers as well as the scientific and social trainings our technicians give.

Featured Kit:

Fuel Efficient Stove Kits through the RippleEffect work to address the major issues of deforestation and air pollution in Malawi. Through it’s unique design, the fuel efficient stove works to keep heat in and utilize wood more efficiently, 50% more efficiently, which reduces a child’s time collecting wood, reduces the impact on the forest, as well as reduces air pollution.

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