Trees Make a Difference

July Newsletter

Trees, Trees, Trees:

Many of us have planted trees before to create new habitat for animals, restore old forests, or to make our property more secure. The tree kits through RippleEffect share all of these benefits with Malawi. But, they also provide another important service: education. This connection is not as abstract as one would think. In Malawi, and many countries in Africa, water and food must be warmed in order to rid it of harmful bacteria and wood is the cheapest and most common heating source. However wood can be very difficult to find due to the fact that Malawi is deforested to the point that only 40% of the trees and forests in Malawi remain intact. So children, mostly girls, walk up to 15 miles every day to get to a wood source in order for them or their mothers to prepare food. This walk can take up to 6 hours one-way, leaving the girl with little time to attend school.

By purchasing a tree kit you can send native tree seedlings to Malawi that will be grown for wood and seed within a village. This makes gathering wood for cooking take only minutes instead of half a day. In doing so you also give habitat, soil stability, restoration, security and education to many families in Malawi. To find out more click here.

Independence Days:

It’s not hard to remember that July 4th 1776 is the United States of America’s Independence Day. However, did you know that Malawi received its independence from Central African Federation and the British on July 6th 1964? So, as we are celebrating our nation’s birth, Malawians 3000 miles away are getting ready to do the same.

Female Empowerment:

Joyce Banda is the current president of Malawi. She is the first female president for the nation and the entire Southern African Region. On a larger scale she is one of two female leaders of African countries in recorded history and is also one of 8 current female presidents in the world. President Banda is working on many current projects to educate, train, and empower women in Malawi. To learn more about her election and work visit

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