How RippleEffect Works

June Newsletter


The Power of a Ripple:


It is very important to us that you, as supporters, know exactly what the RippleEffect does and why it is important. For those of you who know what we do, here is a refresher course. For those of you new to RippleEffect, we hope this will give you a new understanding of the importance of our work. The motto of our organization is ‘a hand up, not a hand out,’ and we as a group strive to make that a reality. We create kits and gifts that will continue to give throughout the years to the families in Malawi. For example, let’s say you buy a bee kit. Once your donation is sent to our field technicians on the ground in Malawi, they then set up the kit and assign it to a family that is in the greatest need. The technician then shows the family how to work with the bees to create honey, how to market and sell honey and pollination services, and lastly, how to grow their hives. Thus, over time the family gains more income, nutrition, and knowledge that they can pass down to their children.

They could often use the extra money to send their children to school leading to brighter futures. And so our model at RE is indeed a ripple effect that empowers people to better their life with the simple tools you, our supporters provide them with. It’s easy, to change the world, you just have to change the world for one person for the better and the rest will follow.


Visitor from Afar:


Last week in Pullman, WA we had a very welcome visitor, Zwide D. Jere: Managing Director, Soil and Water Conservation Specialist for TotalLand Care, the partner organization with RippleEffect. Mr. Jere showcased his work in Malawi as well as the progress he has made through the RippleEffect. He also headed from Pullman to Washington D.C. to network with others in his field and to promote RE and TotalLand Care. It was a privilege to hear about Malawi and learn from a top-notch professional like Mr. Jere.


Dates to Remember:


Fathers Day is on June 16 this year. Don’t forget to get your dad something helpful, much like an Eco-latrine kit through RippleEffect. At only 16 dollars it helps to alleviate poor sanitation, water contamination, and increases health. And wont your dad be proud that he as a toilet in his honor? Click here to purchase your Eco-latrine gift.


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