Who are you empowering this Mother’s Day

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Who are you empowering this Mother’s Day?

Below is a picture of a woman who lost her child down a latrine. She has an incredible story of how she is using this tragedy to now promote safer and eco-friendly latrines that will increase sanitation while creating a better environment for children to use. She is an amazing woman and mother who is making ripples in her community that will create lasting and permanent change. You can help women and children like these by purchasing a eco-latrine kit or any number of life altering gifts from RippleEffect. Who will you empower this Mother’s Day?

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Did you Know:

According to the (CIA World Fact Book) the average life expectancy is 52.7 years in Malawi, whereas in the United States the average life expectancy is 78.5 years. This increase of 25.8 years is attributed to a mixture of health care, sanitation, housing, nutrition, water, and food differences among these two countries. Although we cannot assess every one of these issues that aid in the disparity between life span. We believe through our many gifts we are helping to increase nutrition and safe water availability while decreasing sanitation issues and the spread of disease. Purchasing a gift can help Malawians in this fight and create a longer, more fulfilled life for them.


We at RippleEffect are so blessed to have such giving and helpful sponsors. We couldn’t make any of the impacts we do without your giving. We thank you for making such a needed change in the lives of people across the world. On behalf of the people of Malawi, thank you.

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