Maize Prices Increase

On the Ground:

According to a recent news article from Malawi Today, the price of maize (corn) in Malawi has tripled due to a recent food crisis. The president, Joyce Banda, had recently given free maize to the people of Malawi. However, after these hand-outs ended she claimed a group of people bought all the maize and created a monopoly. Those people are now selling the maize at very high demanding prices. This is causing a large hunger wave to hit Malawi, since many of the people cannot afford the regular price of maize let alone this newly inflated one. This is a critical time in Malawi, and you can make this situation better for all involved.

Seed Kits would provide a sustainable way for families to continue to harvest and eat maize at a minimal cost. To send Malawians seeds click this link.


Fun Fact:

Did you know in Malawi women generally take over the positions of village chiefs in their towns. In our legal system they would be equal to mayors) Men are actually the ones helping them with secretary work because many of the chiefs are illiterate.

Dates to Remember:

This year March 22nd is World Water Day, which is intended to celebrate the wonders of the water molecule and to find ways to increase world access to clean and pure water. If you would like to celebrate this holiday and improve the livelihoods of those in Malawi, you can purchase a water kit at our RippleEffect website. We offer either a village well, deep well, or treadle pump kit, all of which would increase water availability and use for villagers in Malawi. So have a blast this 22nd of March and experience the joy of giving to those in need.

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