Success Story from Malawi

February 2013 Newsletter

Success Story:

Just in from the annual report from our field technicians in the field is a success story from supporters’ giving. Mr. Daniel Nyirenda was born in 1979, is married with 5 children and comes from Zifere Chisi village, Mzimba District. He. Mr Nyirenda was a person who never dreamt of owning a shop in his lifetime. He used to live a difficult life growing winter crops using rudimentary methods of irrigation, mainly using watering cans. He never had enough money.

The situation improved when he got a moneymaker treadle pump from Total Land Care during the 2011 irrigation season. With the treadle pump pack (which includes a treadle pump with hoses and an input pack with fertilizers and vegetable seeds) from TLC, he opted to grow tomatoes.

He followed all technical advice given by the TLC Field Coordinator, which allowed him to produce good quality tomatoes. From sales of the produce he realized MK250,000 (equivalent to USD $1,666 at the time). With this income, Mr. Nyirenda decided to open a shop. From the shop, he is able to generate more profits, which he uses to meet most of his household needs including paying school fees for his children. He lives a happy life with his family. Because of his success, 8 more farmers got motivated and each secured a treadle pump through the program. During the coming season, Daniel plans to construct a permanent house.

Dates to Remember:

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and to whomever you are giving a gift this year, one thing is clear, you want to make it special. A very special way to say that you care about your loved one is to give a gift of hope in their name to a family in Malawi. Whether you are aiming for romantic, friendly, or family giving the receiver will feel loved knowing you bought them a gift that saves lives. Find out more.

Village Update

Villages in Malawi are experiencing the hope that accompanies the implementation of a treadle pump. Longer growing seasons, healthier crops, higher yields, increased income, and healthier families are all impacts a treadle pump produces within a community. The treadle pump is designed to be a portable tool that many farmers in the area can share to water their crops. These little tools can radically transform a dry and unworkable land to a beautiful field full of promise. Click here to find out more and give.

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